The Great Debates

To HelyTimes readers, the “admirable thousands,”

Let me direct you to something I think you’ll enjoy.

My friend Dave King *, noted Parks & Recreation and Workaholics writer, and I have started a podcast called The Great Debates.

I know what you’re thinking: more podcasts?!  But I think we’ve got something worth hearing.

We pick a topic – one of the great issues of the day – and without any preparation we debate it.  The debates are moderated by the sonorously voiced Dan Medina.

This podcast is short, each episode is about twelve minutes.

Listeners can then vote – and suggest new debate topics – by emailing

The podcast is available for download on iTunes or at

I’d love it if you reviewed it and rated it highly on iTunes and spread the word.

We have nine episodes in the can and I’d argue they are enjoyable.

Hope you enjoy!


* not to be confused with jazzist Dave King


One Comment on “The Great Debates”

  1. Estella says:

    Play intmorafive for me, Mr. internet writer.

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