When was the last time somebody got killed by a wild bear in Los Angeles?

Prompted by a recent conversation about the movie Grizzly Man.  (Forgot that Timothy Treadwell named one of the bears Mr. Chocolate.)

Andy Sublette, 46.

An experienced bear hunter who hunted and killed many bears, Sublette shot and wounded a bear after being separated from his hunting party near present-day Santa Monica in 1854. He was then mauled but stabbed the bear to death with his knife and with the help of his dog. His dog survived, but Sublette died seven days later due to his injuries.

So says Wikipedia citing Gary Brown’s The Bear Almanac.  I wonder if they mean, like, Santa Monica Santa Monica or the Santa Monica mountains (even, like, Malibu).

Anyway.  Heard it took the bear an hour and a half to drive back to Silverlake — the 10 was a nightmare!

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