reprinting this 2013 classic because can’t find my copy of this book, wondering if I loaned it to one of you.  




Nice work boys.


Wilson got his start doing a survey of all the ants in Alabama.

There’s the question of, why did I pick ants, you know? Why not butterflies or whatever? And the answer is that they’re so abundant, they’re easy to find, and they’re easy to study, and they’re so interesting. They have social habits that differ from one kind of ant to the next. You know, each kind of ant has almost the equivalent of a different human culture. So each species is a wonderful object to study in itself. In fact, I honestly can’t…cannot understand why most people don’t study ants.


Somewhere else I think I heard Wilson say something like “once you start to study ants it’s hard to be interested in anything else.”

Look at the wild coolness on Bert Hölldobler:


Bert Hölldobler:


Planet Earth 2

Important to remember some things such as nature documentaries are better than ever!

Bag Balm

My feet were kinda messed up (from walking?).  Mentioned this to my friend Hana.  She knows how to bring forth bounty from the Earth, I knew she would have some wondrous cure.  She thought about it and came back with this medicine they use for messed up cow udders.

Gotta say it seems like a miracle product.  

If you are cool buy some of Hana’s blankets and yarn:

Meme Critics



Some critics have asserted that to be a proper meme my font should have the stroke outline, and to them I respond with the above meme.

But also


Latest from my meme workshop



this one you could use for example when declining an invitation to go out.  Photo from Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador’s Facebook page.

New meme


used this picture by Paul Nicklen from Nat Geo Insta.

Portrait of the author in a field of alpacas


just reviewing some good times summer mems.