Live Great Debates Tonight

UCB Guys!  Really excited about tonight’s Great Debates Live at the UCB on Sunset.  If you’re in LA hope you’re considering coming, last I checked there were 14 tickets left.  The UCB’s doing us a huge solid by letting us perform there, would be great to sell it out. We’ve got some great fun planned, special guests.  Little Esther is gonna warm up the crowd: Little Esther

You can buy a ticket for five bucks right here:

But before we can all have fun together, I do have to just dispense with an unpleasant sort of cloud that’s hanging over this event. The rumor that so-called “Debater X” is planning some kind of mischief for tonight’s live Great Debates event is just that — a rumor.  This is a guy who won’t even reveal his face, let alone his name, so how he acquired any credibility at all is beyond me.  The best theory I heard — by best I mean most amusing in its ridiculous — is that Debater X is a famous athlete.  HIGHLY doubt it.  Just doesn’t fit the psychology here.

Debater X

Please. The lamest thing about Anonymous is that they saw this and were like “COOL LOOK!”

What “Debater X” is is something much simpler.  He’s a troll.  Trolls are all too common in the anonymous world of the Internet, where you can hide behind your avatar and fire darts from the safety of a desk covered in crinkled Chipotle wrappers. So, do not worry about Debater X, just grab a ticket, come on out, show’s at 8:30pm, enjoy yourself!

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  1. says:

    I will be out next week. Any chance you could postpone this until then? 🙂

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