We’re not gonna be the dummies anymore, folks

At the beginning you hear the response part of the call and response to “Who’s gonna built that wall?”  “MEXICO!”  Then:

Here a protestor (you can see him in the aisle to Trump’s right, holding a sign that says “VETERANS TO MR. TRUMP END HATE SPEECH AGAINST MUSLIMS” and he leaves peacefully:

and this is right after a protestor was led out by police:

The aftermath:


How To Debate Donald Trump

They think we’re kidding too, don’t they folks?  We’re not kidding.  We’re not kidding.

-Donald J. Trump

That’s more or less exactly what I wondered.  Is this guy kidding?  Are the people who are voting for him kidding?  I wanted to go to a rally and see what this was all about.  A pal is a reporter on the campaign and encouraged me to see it for myself, saying, basically, you won’t believe it.  

Best chance to do it from the West Coast would be in Las Vegas, on Monday before the Nevada primary.  Poking around on the Trump website I saw a form to apply for media credentials.  So I did that.  All they asked really is what outlet I worked for —  Great Debates News.

The rest of this post will be going out shortly to Helytimes Premium and Great Debates News subscribers.  Subscribe to Great Debates News here.   Subscribe to Helytimes Premium by emailing me.  

Helytimes Premium subscribers: sorry for the typo, can you imagine my embarrassment?  Sentence should read: “admiring what Ann Friedman and Ryan Holiday were doing with their newsletters.”

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