Need this lady in my political life at this moment.

Was it worse to experience this in horrific car crash realtime on the West Coast or to go to bed and wake up to it on the East Coast?





You can take this bit from Nate Silver and find it a depressing what if or a somewhat hopeful sign of how small actions can affect significant change:

Most perceptive, insightful thing I read this whole durned election was in, by “David Wong,” about the rural vs. urban divide.


photo of TC found here

Tyler Cowen making baffled guesses at Trump on the economy:

If there is any common theme to my predictions, it stems from Trump’s history in franchising his name and putting relatively little capital into many of his business deals. I think his natural instinct will be to look for some quick symbolic victories to satisfy supporters, and then pursue mass popularity with a lot of government benefits, debt and free-lunch thinking. I don’t think the Trump presidency will be recognizable as traditionally conservative or right-wing.

I also expect U.S. trade relations to worsen significantly, as I’ve already discussed in an online conversation with Robert Zoellick. I foresee Trump renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, mostly picking on Mexico. Mexico would end up having to pay some kind of fee, either directly or indirectly, for continuing access to the U.S. market. That way, Trump could in fact make Mexico “pay for the wall.” It is no surprise that the peso plummeted as the tide started to turn in Trump’s favor Tuesday night.


Thomas Ricks on Trump and Defense:

Second, it will be interesting to see how Trump gets along with the generals he has condemned as losers and Obama cronies. Being the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will be one of the toughest jobs around. Second toughest: Being the legal advisor to the chairman. Imagine the exchanges:

President Trump: “That’s an order.”

General: “Sir, my JAG tells me that’s an illegal order.”

President Trump: “OK, your JAG is fired. Now find someone who will help me, not throw obstacles in my way.”

Trump also might find nettlesome the generals who say things like, “OK, if we do that, what happens after that? What’s the next step?” The Obama administration didn’t like that when General Mattis did in that in discussions of Iran, and Trump will like it even less.

Distraction, diversion, tales of sub-wall countries and the politics of dictatorships can be found in this:


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