August is often a contemplative month over here.  A leisurely month sometimes, and thus a fruitful time at Helytimes.

Here’s a gathering notes and thoughts from previous Augusts.

We hope all Helytimes readers and enthusiasts are having a relaxing and refreshing August.  We appreciate you.

August 2012

selling the Aga cooker, Lon Chaney.

August 2013

Athletes, sharks, showrunners, executioners, painters.

August 2014

Jo in Wyoming.

August 2015

John Quincy Adams, Julie London.

August 2016

I was down in New Zealand and Australia.

August 2017

California, Bob Marley, almonds, and our most provocative post, Ireland should take in two million refugees.  

August 2018.

Taleb, Warren Buffett, the Ten Day MBA, and what is a story?

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