funny description

After he wrote My Face for the World to See Hayes decided, counterintuitively, to move permanently to Los Angeles, the city he had described as looking ‘as hell might with a good electrician’. 

and a classic:

In a novel published in 1968, The End of Me, Hayes’s disillusionment is projected onto the main character, Asher, a failing screenwriter. Asher tells a joke about a man who goes into a butcher’s shop and sees two signs. One reads ‘writers’ brains: 19 cents a pound’; the other: ‘producers’ brains: 79 cents a pound’:

‘Now you are supposed to ask me,’ I said patiently, ‘why producers’ brains cost 79 cents a pound and writers’ brains cost 19 cents a pound?’ … “Well,” the butcher said, “do you know how many producers you have to kill to get a pound of brains?”’

Lucie Elven on Alfred Hayes in LRB.

2 Comments on “funny description”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Not related to your post–sorry–but I don’t know how else to contact you as I am an old and Zucherberg irritates me. My book club is reading How I Became A Famous Novelist, because I love it so much. Up there with Lincoln in the Bardo. Thanks for such a wonderful, hilarious book. The ending is perfect. Hope the club (nineteen retired female Foreign Service Officers) like it, too. We ripped Stendahl to shreds.

    • helytimes says:

      Kathleen, that’s wonderful, I can’t think of a better audience. Hope it’s a hit and that I don’t get “the Stendhal treatment”! Let me know!

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