Europe relative to USA

Cheers to whoever it was on Twitter that put me on to Scale-A-Tron, latest map overlay tech. My post on how big UK/Ireland are compared to California is one of my most popular.

Here’s some fun with California:

A good comp for Italy, in climate as well as size.

Compared to Korea:

Good reminder on how vast Australia is:

A fellow I met in Brisbane once shook his head about foolish tourist who thought he could drive to Cairns in one day.



The US Midwest:

In Best and The Brightest, David Halberstam reports that General Max Taylor introduced a note of ice cold realism by presenting a map of Cuba overlaid over the United States, shaking the stupid assumption that this was a rinkydink little island, invasion of which would be a minor matter:

Maybe they should’ve done this one:


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