Wonders of Fresno

People don’t believe me when I tell them how big Fresno, California is. Fresno has a population of 542,107 in the 2020 Census, making it much bigger than either Pittsburgh or New Orleans. If you want to play metro area, Fresno is still bigger than Omaha, and clocks in at over one million.

I haven’t examined Fresno thoroughly but I’ve spent a night there and got a sense. There is one sight that you shouldn’t go to see, but if you’re there, you should check out. It’s the Forestiere Underground Gardens.

Forestiere was an Italian immigrant who knew something about growing orange trees, but found Fresno a little too hot, so he built himself an underground living space, garden, work of art and devotion.

How about:

Also recommend: buy some olive oil at the Fresno State farm store.

One Comment on “Wonders of Fresno”

  1. Ariana says:

    I agree. This is a great place to see if you ever pass thru Fresno. I found it fascinating.

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