Good things about True Detective

Something was cheesing me off last night about critics on Twitter piling on to this show.  I mean, I guess that can be fun, I’ve been guilty of it myself.  But, also, what the hell?  You try making a TV show.

Sure, it didn’t make all the sense in the world.  But it’s hard to make good stuff.  I guess it’s worthwhile to explore why something doesn’t land, so you can think about how to make better stuff.  But what’s the point of ongoing negative criticism, especially when attention is at such a scarcity relative to content?  There’s so much TV out there, if you don’t like something shouldn’t you just skip it and talk about something you do like?

Anyway, I watched every episode of the show and here are some things I enjoyed. Rachel McA

  • Rachel McAdams wears very comfortable-looking hoodies/sweatshirt
  • CF redwoodsColin Farrell did a very good job I thought.
  • I liked seeing the redwoods
  • It was big and ambitious
  • It was about secret evil/darkness/power/corruption at the heart of southern California, which is worth thinking about
  • It was so unrelentingly bleak in a way that had to be a kind of pulpy choice, which is an interesting thing to do.
  • I liked the way the girls were dancing in the shots of Venezuela
  • The aerial footage of California was cool.

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