It’s not just Bowie — this week music also lost Red Simpson, writer/performer of the above song (discussed briefly in this book).

Red Simpson

From his NY Times’ obituary I learn that he performed regularly at Trout’s:


pic from this interesting blog: “Stories of Music Towns you Haven’t heard of yet”

Joseph Cecil Simpson was born on March 6, 1934, in Higley, Ariz., the youngest of 13 children, and grew up in Bakersfield, where he learned to play guitar as a child. His red hair earned him his nickname.

He enlisted in the Navy during the Korean War and served on the hospital ship Repose, where he played with a shipboard group, the Repose Ramblers.


Speaking of Simpsons, I can’t hear about a ship like this without thinking of the Simpsons’ landing on the USS Walter Mondale:

but the Repose had a dramatic history:

Arriving on 3 January 1966, she was permanently deployed to Southeast Asia and earned the nickname “Angel of the Orient.” Operating mainly in the I Corps area, she treated over 9,000 battle casualties and 24,000 inpatients while deployed. Notably, USS Repose was on station during the 1967 USS Forrestal fire that killed 134 sailors and injured 161.


the Forrestal fire.  Future Senator John McCain’s plane was destroyed in the fire — one of many exciting events in his not-boring life.

According to Wiki Red’s last release was “Hey Bin Laden” but I cannot find that tune on YouTube.

I wonder if Red liked Bowie.

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