If you’re like me you saw this and wondered who Luckie Park is named after

I didn’t have to look far:

“This Luckie Reilly may be a relation,” I thought.  Sure enough:

It’s this Dr. Luckie that the park is named after.  Here’s some good info about him in the Morongo Basin Historical Society’s newsletter:

There’s a mural of him:

That’s from Google Earth.  Better picture at Action 29 Palms – The Mural People.

I wonder if this James Luckie was the son or grandson of James Buckner Luckie, who was a doctor with the Army of East Tennessee in the Civil War, and performed one of the first ever triple amputations.  More info and (warning) a photo on this German language (?) wikipedia page.

Luckie Reilly sounds great.  From a 2006 article about her, “10 Things To Know About Luckie Reilly,” in the Hi-Desert Star in 2006:

10. Susan continues to weigh in on local land-use issues, sometimes speaking her mind at City Council meetings and through letters to the editor. “I’ve been an activist for years,’ she says. “I’ve opposed power plants, polluting industries and waste dumps in the desert. You can’t just sit back and watch things go to heck!

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