The Moviegoer

Took this one off my shelf the other day.  Think I was supposed to read it in college but never finished it.  The plot didn’t propel me along, but there’s some magic to it for sure.  A relaxed New Orleans kind of existentialism.  

What’s the narrator looking for?  Even he doesn’t know. 

He sees a young man reading on the bus, and types him:

Good old Walker Percy:

At one point the narrator sees William Holden on the street:

Ah, William Holden. Already we need you again. Already the fabric is wearing thin without you.

2 Comments on “The Moviegoer”

  1. I read Moviegoer recently – not sure why – I guess I kept seeing it referenced and felt I was missing out on a touchstone. It really left me cold. As you say, some good atmosphere and mood moments, but I agree the plot is near non-existent. The narrator’s ennui (in the cold light of the present) feels indulgent and self-pitying – and the sex stuff, dated and unfortunate.

    Finished a good one last week “Cherry” by Niko Walker – You’ve probably heard a lot of the hype as well, but imo it stands up.

    • helytimes says:

      That’s great, I’ll have to check that one out, thanks for the rec. Yeah, I liked the voice of The Moviegoer, and some of the depth of the character exploration and writing is just on another level. But it didn’t QUITE lock me in somehow.

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